First blog post

Hello everyone! I don’t really know who would be reading this…But anyway you are, so I guess I should introduce my self a little bit.

Just so you know I want to be pretty anonymous. So just call me AgirlsBlog and I am a girl. I am in senior school and live in the UK. I have a sister and 4 pets. They consist of 2 Guinea Pigs and 2 Rabbits. I adore my Rabbits and obviously love my Guinea Pigs, but I find with Rabbits you can give them a big hug, however Guinea Pigs are just to small! That’s fine because my sister is afraid of the Rabbits! So she just looks after the Guinea Pigs.

I don’t really know why I made this really…I guess its just to chat about things I wouldn’t really want to tell anyone else because I’m kind of a private person. That’s why I want to stay anonymous. I know there will likely be some more serious posts, but there will be some chilled posts like these. That’s it for this one though. I will post another one maybe tonight I don’t know about a problem that I would love to get answered. This is an example of something I wouldn’t want to tell anyone else.

AGirlsBlog out.



2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. stadarooni says:

    I found this through your comment on that new year post on Discover, and cool blog! I somewhat feel the same way as you on my personal life, and it is amazing how these blogs can be used to express ourselves and what we like. Hopefully you will enjoy WordPress as much as I have for the past several months!


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